No Cares - No Teenage Rage

No Cares teenage rage album.jpg

Two EPs in and I’m hanging on the edge waiting for more. From what I can gather No Cares is one of many artistic projects of JP Pfertner out of Austin, TX. It’s a solo project by a very talented multi-instrumentalist. The releases to date are only limited by the fact that they end before I’m done listening to them. Hitting play again feels like cheating, but I do it anyway because I just don’t want it to end. He’s captured the raw energy of a live off the floor recording on both EPs, Wave at Your Grave and No Teenage Rage. Songs are rooted in that no nonsense punk rock foundation, but get expanded with lower key groovy tracks like More More More More and Skate Trips. Do yourself a favour and start by taking a spin through the tracks below. Before long you’ll be in the same boat I am, looking for more more more more…..

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