Elsa Lester - Dinner Party

Dinner Party Album Art.jpg

Elsa Lester is the moniker of Lisa Van Kampen. She's been rocking Amsterdam since at least 2016, when she released her first single Lemonade. I was introduced to Elsa Lester with "Pretty Bad, Man", the new single from her newest EP Dinner Party. It's got that rockin' garage sound that feels like like a step up in energy from her first release, which has a dreamier quality to it on the whole. Elsa's produced the kind of straight-to-the-point rock n' roll vibe that fits my mood a healthy chunk of the time. My only gripe is my standard one about EPs - with a run time of 13mins, it ends before I'm done listening to it. Self-described, "as DIY as one can be", she's gotten a solid quality out of her living room recordings. On "Princess and the Queen" and "Clueless Vibes" in particular she's kept the thick layer of reverb on her vocal track that I remember from her first release, Stress Relief. It creates an atmosphere to the track that is nice to dig into. She balances this with "Pretty Bad, Man" and "Say No", which have a more stripped down and raw sound. If you're looking for a fun summer head bobber, this will help loosen up your neck.

Start with "Pretty Bad, Man", "Clueless Vibes"  and "Princess and the Queen"