The Reeks

Reeks Cover.jpg

Punk rock should be fast, loud and aggressive. Check, Check and Check. Hell, let's throw some melodic elements in there and some catchy vocal riffs that play off the guitar lines. You know what? Songs shouldn't push past the 2 minute mark. In and out. Say way you wanna say and quit fuckin' around with it.

The Reeks is a punk band from Austin. Their self-titled album was released April 1, 2018 on the Bandcamp... wait, does 9 songs clocking in at 11min qualify as an album or an EP? Fuck it, who cares. This is punk rock. Whatever it is, it's rad and it worth all 11 minutes.. 22 minutes even. Throw that shit on repeat.

The rawness of this album reminds me of my first tentative steps into the punk rock world back in the early-mid 90s. Bad Religion was reminding me I should do what I want, and I was knee deep in Propagandhi's Anti-Manifesto. This album is a reminder that punk rock hasn't been completely sanitized through a pop filter and it can still be as punchy and full of energy as ever.

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