Deer Venom

Deer venom cover 1200x1200.jpg

It's starts with a growl. A punch in the throat that stays with you. Deer Venom's debut EP kicks off with some power. The Seattle based solo project is as funky as it is grungy. The sounds range from an abrasive lead to a smooth fuzzy rhythm. The digital bit crush of a lead guitar tone reminds me of another favourite - Lardo. Lyrics are sparse but hit you at just the right time in At Twilight.  I dig the groovy Witch's Tit. The songs are diverse with each carving it's own niche in the vague post-punk genre. All Right With Me has a thinly veiled dance-pop vibe that kicks into the a jammy instrumental that just hooked me. It's a great sounding EP that won't disappoint.