Miesha & the Spanks - Girls Girls Girls

mandspanks girls.jpg

In the spring of 2017 Miesha Louie teased an album she said we could expect in early 2018. Hear the interview for yourself. Girls Girls Girls is Miesha's 4th full-length album, set for release March 9, 2018. She starts right where she left off with her previous full-length, Girls Like Wolves, and then heads straight for the Atmosphere.

This is a solid energetic garage rock album. It's equal parts grungy driving punch and classic punk rock sounds. Overall it's got a darker, bassier sound than her previous albums, but she does well to mix it up and present her influences from across the rock and punk spectrum. It's pure Miesha and shows the growth and effort she's dedicated to mastering her craft.

"I write love songs" Miesha once said to me, and she does it well. The record starts with a solid punch with First Love, First Blood and doesn't let up. She throws a bit of a silky groove at you with Lost Boy. Atmosphere has a lighter sing-along vibe. By the time Witch Hunt comes on things have gotten visceral. She plays with both the light and the dark sides of love in the songs on this album. The record flows well start to finish and will most definitely keep your head bobbing long after it's done.

Check out Atmosphere, Be Alright, Lost Boy.

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