Casual Male

Casual Male EP cover.jpg

Casual Male has a knack for making short songs sound full fledged epics. Somehow a 3 minute song can feel like it's got an extended jam tucked in there somewhere. The overall sound is light, falling somewhere between folk and rock, but not where you'd expect.

Tim Lappin, the main songwriter behind Casual Male, starts off his debut EP with "Time, Wasted", an erratic foot tapper that stuck with me for days. The tracks vary from the kind of bluesy rock n' roll you'd find on a Joel Plaskett record to the nice left-field indie rock that remind you of that time you saw that Broken Social Scene show. It's equal parts captivating and catchy sing-along.

It makes me anticipate summer, which is unfortunate, it being February. I appreciate the warmth of the guitar sound and the honest rawness of the lyrics. "All you motherfuckers got the blues but me". My favourite songs all have some bridge that complements that main verse so well but throw a left turn in the trajectory that really pulls you back into the song. It's an easy listen, and even easier just throw on repeat, sit back, and let it sweep you away.

Check out: Time, Wasted; The Shakes; and Takin' It Easy

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