Secret Baby - It's a Secret, Baby

Secret Baby album.jpg

Secret Baby’s debut album starts with a growl. It’s full of that grimy distortion that I live for. These guys pull together killer garage riffs and fold them into surf rhythms to create driving addictive tunes. You’d sing along if you could make out the lyrics, so you’ll have to settle for an animated head-bob. It’s done purposefully to emphasize the riff-driven rock. The lyrics are the kind of random musings that make you scratch your head while chuckling to yourself as you turn it up another notch. For an added challenge, have a drink for every “Hey!” you catch in the lyric track and let me know how far you get. What I like most about this is that there’s enough layers to keep you engaged and lost in there somewhere. These guys have been living rock n’ roll for a good while. They’ve spent their time mastering their craft. Keep listening - there’s some sweet surprises in there.

Start with “10ft Tall”, “Bonesaw”

Also, check out the video for Pillow Fight

Shhhh, keep it like a secret - Web / Bandcamp