Uranium Club - All of Them Naturals

Uranium Club All of them naturals 500x500.jpg

When buddy first played this for me, my first thought was ‘are you kidding me?’ - there is so much awesome happening in here. It fell on my lap in August or September or something and has been on heavy heavy rotation since then. From the outset Let’s put aside your thoughts on erratic guitar, off kilter vocals, and general goofery, and let’s talk about how good a well-timed “what the?!?!?” lyric can do to suck me in and win me over for life. Take The Lottery as a case in point. There’s not much metaphor, it’s a song about winning the lottery. Consider this lyric “They say you gotta buy your mom a house / well... I put her in a really good home.” Sign me up Uranium Club. I want a lifetime membership.


I’m not kidding. This is absolutely worth every second you give to it. Start with That Clown’s Got A Gun, Operation Pt. II, and The Lottery

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