Steevn - Fools Gold

steevn abraham cover.jpg

These are tunes to get lost in. The sweeping vocals and sparseness that comes from the liberal use of reverb create an inviting atmosphere. As unique as they are catchy, the vocal melodies throw back to the classics that inspire them. Lyrically the songs range from the simplest (the Number Song) to the metaphorical (One of Many Great Shames These Days). There's enough in this album to keep you listening over and over. He strikes me as a prolific fella. Since first being introduced to an earlier EP "A Bee" back in August 2017, he's released a couple of singles and then comes along Fools Gold. Add to that a healthy youtube channel with a comparatively varied simple-to-complex video cache, and you've got yourself an artist who doesn't seem to do much to hold himself back.

Steevn has prepared a beautiful take on the storytelling foundation that defines the singer-songwriter style. He calls it post-folk; I call it an innovative twist on a classic genre.

Check out Abraham, That Old Road It Seems, Dear Traveler

Find Steevn here: facebook / bandcamp / youtube