Hearty Har - Creation Frustration

Hearty-Har-Creation-Frustration 500x500.jpg

For a band without a full fledged album, I’m anxiously waiting on their next steps. There are a couple of singles available to give you a taste and early indications are so so good. Based only on these three selections, I’m looking forward to a diverse sounding album heavily filtered through a classic psychedelic sound. Based out of LA, I like how they’ve shed the trap of the ‘too commercial’ sound in favour of their own take on a sound that I totally dig.

Radio Man ‘56 is the most familiar of their forays into the delicious swirling sound. Contrast this with a track like Creation Frustration, which has the band playing with different rhythms and vocal melodies that offer an interesting contrast to what’s expected that took me by surprise on first listen. The band works the multiple instruments well and layer them richly so I can really get lost in the texture of it.

Start with Radio Man ‘56 and Creation Frustration


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