The Green Door - Wolf in the Fold

Green door wolf fold cover.jpg

Wolf in the Fold is the newest album by San Francisco's The Green Door. It drips with reverb and a spacey energy to get lost in. The record starts with the title track and a simple enough guitar melody that builds on itself until you're immersed. By the first breakdown of The Grass is Tangled hits you're somewhere else. Fortunately, for the jam-hungry of you, that's not the last one. These folks like to push their songs to their breaking point and really work to take you away.

The overall sound is heavily rooted in classic 60s psychedelic rock, but tracks like Back to Houston add a bit of a country/roots flare to the garage sound that flows through the record. At a 26min run time, the EP ends up on repeat a lot, but it's one of those records where the more you listen, the more there is to hear.

Start with Tall Grass is Tangled, Back to Houston, and You Won't Hear That Anymore